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Engagement Traditions #1

June 4, 2009

Attending a small, Christian college, I was a spectator of Ring By Spring and MRS degrees. In celebration of my own engagement, I am going to write on the different traditions my friends and I bring to the altar from our various colleges.

Milligan College – Creeking

Creeking is not particular to Milligan. Many schools do something similar and I believe Monogram Momma once told me that something similar happened to the frat boys at Auburn when. What does make creeking special, then, is the details and location to each particular establishment. To be creeked at Milligan, one must do the following

  1. Become engaged
  2. Forget to lock your bedroom door one night, or in some other way become vulnurable
  3. Be dragged from your room by friends of the SAME gender (no mixing here!)
  4. Allow yourself  to be tied up and thrown into the back of a truck to be shamefully paraded around campus with loud honking and yelling.
  5. Arrive at the bottom of campus
  6. Be dragged FROM the truck
  7. Be tossed in the freezing water (choose friend who do not try to creek you in February)
  8. Walk out of freezing cold water to a towel being held by your beloved who has been informed of creeking.
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