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Non Registered Wishes #1

May 13, 2009

There are stores everyone registers at. Belks, Macy’s, Nordsrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target if you are wanting gift cards. I’m registered at Belks and BB&B. But there are plenty of things I want for a home that I can’t register for.

Many of those things come from Lehman’s. No, not the sorry banking boys, but Lehman’s the Old Order store. They cater to non-electric living and that’s something I really dig. I don’t hate electricity (hello KitchenAid!), but it can be used much less than it is, and I love housework. It is very theraputic and housework is somewhat a holy thing to me. I can get kitchen appliances, mechanical doorbells, clotheslines (I love hanging my clothing), and LAMPS. I cannot tell you my love of gas and oil lamps.

Sadly, Lehman’s does not have a registery and I think most people I know would consider my crazy for liking this lifestyle.

But I’m a high strung person, and the best thing for me is a slow lifestyle. Requiring a whole day to do laundry is in my best intrest. And really, doing things by hand is the best way.

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