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April 2, 2009

I love feathers. I think they decorate items quite well. Feathers can be cute and girly, ie the feather boas at Claires, or they can be elegant like beautiful evening purses. If I’m visiting a farm (it’s been a while), I never hesitate to pick up any lose peacock feathers I find on the ground. I had quite a collection as a child.

So I love the feather ideas on Southern Weddings Magazine. I have been considering using feathers in my centerpieces at the reception. You can get them inexpensively.

The problem with feathers, and this is why I hesitate, is that feather harvesting is a horrible thing. Unless it’s a guaranteed company that ONLY collects feathers that have fallen to the ground, than the feathers are being plucked from the bird. Of course, chicken feathers and goose feathers can be collected from a dead one. Often birds that are killed for food, their feathers are taken after they are dead. Ostrich feathers, pheasant feathers, the nice feathers people use for decoration, those are taken from the bird live. They are left alive so that the feathers can come back and be plucked again. Have you seen a plucked spot on a bird? It is not a painless procedure for the bird. So unless Hobby Lobby can guarantee me some happy birds, I’ll have to live with fake feathers or no feathers.

It’s hard being moral!

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  1. April 6, 2009 5:47 pm

    I toyed with the idea of using feathers as well, particularly for centerpieces. I think they can look super chic! Unfortunately, I think they’d look too out of place for our wedding – we’re going less elegant and more clean and modern. Plus, I really don’t like birds, so it would be silly to have bird feathers at our wedding! 😛

    Anyway, I hope you do find feathers that suit your style and moral requirements – I hope to live vicariously through you!

    Nice blog too, by the way! I’ve started my own,, and it’s really helping me organize all of my wedding thoughts!

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