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August 18, 2009

RSVP: means “reply please”, written on an invitation to request that the invited person reply to confirm whether or not they will be attending.

Dear everyone in the whole wide world,

If you receive an invitation, whether it be wedding or birthday, respond. Even if it’s on facebook, hit the RSVP button in the affirmative or negative (and be honest!) Brides don’t shell out money for postage because it looks pretty. Have you seen the price of postage? We spend the money on the invites, the response cards, and the postage because we need numbers. We need to know if you’re going to eat. We need to know how many chairs and how many favors to request. Not responding promptly, especially by the requested day, is just plain rude and inconsiderate. There are 10 days until my wedding, and many people have not responded.

So if you you fall into this catagory – get on it!

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A few pictures from Lexington

August 10, 2009

Thank you Lynne Humkey for a lovely wedding shower!

Congrats to the Gilleys

August 9, 2009

I’m not the only one getting married this year in my circle of friends!

(The pictures are off of facebook…I forgot who took them)

19 Days

August 9, 2009

Contrary to how my blog looks, there has been wedding planning going on. Since the first wedding shower, I had another one in Lexington and I’ve received a few surpises in the mail.

The cake has been settled on. Three tiers of chocolate cake covered in dark pink icing and green dots. I’ve created the box for the cards, the topper has been made, and all the bridesmaid accessories and gifts have been purchased.

Matthew and I have had our sessions of counseling, I’ve sent the wedding program to our minister to make sure the order of worship is okay, and I think we have a plan for decorating the room we’re using for the reception.

Now I feel like it’s a waiting game. I’m waiting to hear by from my stylist about when we can do a trial run. I’m waiting to find out who is coming. I’m waiting on cakes to be baked, makeup to be put on, and photos to be taken.

I don’t do well at waiting!

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The First Bridal Shower

June 27, 2009

I wasn’t the one planning the Bridal Shower, but even then, I sure was nervous. I am so Type A!

But the shower was lovely. I truely enjoyed getting to spend time with the ladies that came, and I appreciate each and every gift.

If you would like to look at photos, they are Right Here.

Engagement Traditions #1

June 4, 2009

Attending a small, Christian college, I was a spectator of Ring By Spring and MRS degrees. In celebration of my own engagement, I am going to write on the different traditions my friends and I bring to the altar from our various colleges.

Milligan College – Creeking

Creeking is not particular to Milligan. Many schools do something similar and I believe Monogram Momma once told me that something similar happened to the frat boys at Auburn when. What does make creeking special, then, is the details and location to each particular establishment. To be creeked at Milligan, one must do the following

  1. Become engaged
  2. Forget to lock your bedroom door one night, or in some other way become vulnurable
  3. Be dragged from your room by friends of the SAME gender (no mixing here!)
  4. Allow yourself  to be tied up and thrown into the back of a truck to be shamefully paraded around campus with loud honking and yelling.
  5. Arrive at the bottom of campus
  6. Be dragged FROM the truck
  7. Be tossed in the freezing water (choose friend who do not try to creek you in February)
  8. Walk out of freezing cold water to a towel being held by your beloved who has been informed of creeking.
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Non Registered Wishes #1

May 13, 2009

There are stores everyone registers at. Belks, Macy’s, Nordsrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target if you are wanting gift cards. I’m registered at Belks and BB&B. But there are plenty of things I want for a home that I can’t register for.

Many of those things come from Lehman’s. No, not the sorry banking boys, but Lehman’s the Old Order store. They cater to non-electric living and that’s something I really dig. I don’t hate electricity (hello KitchenAid!), but it can be used much less than it is, and I love housework. It is very theraputic and housework is somewhat a holy thing to me. I can get kitchen appliances, mechanical doorbells, clotheslines (I love hanging my clothing), and LAMPS. I cannot tell you my love of gas and oil lamps.

Sadly, Lehman’s does not have a registery and I think most people I know would consider my crazy for liking this lifestyle.

But I’m a high strung person, and the best thing for me is a slow lifestyle. Requiring a whole day to do laundry is in my best intrest. And really, doing things by hand is the best way.

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